Call answering

Your customers need your help! Your team can give them support through call handling.

Organize the tickets for each of your applicants, separating them by service catalog, involved machines and contracted priorities.

Illustration of HelpDesk and Service Desk for IT


Cancel repeated or irrelevant tickets to avoid accumulating on your technicians' timeline.


Manage the schedules and values ​​of the appointments made by your technicians.


Migrate the responsibility of the callers to the technicians able to attend the service.

Time Control

Set the deadlines for answering and solving your calls, optimizing the way your technicians see priorities.

SLF Management and Time in Service Desk TiFlux


Versatility and agility between service tables. Relate them to customers and let callers move between them.

SLA management

Organize the tickets for each of your applicants, separating them by catalog of services, machines or sectors involved and contracted priorities.

Software communication

The conversation between your team and your customers is extremely important for exchanging information, reporting difficulties, delays or making requests.

Communication with the Client and Chat

Customer Chat

Tell your customers in real time what is happening and understand your needs and feedbacks.

Internal Chat

Exchange messages exclusively among your technicians so that everyone is within the technical issues of the service.

Extra activities and features

Certain services are standards. Some end up bringing extra spending and billing information. In some cases we need to lend equipment to the customer while we wait for the repair of theirs. How about listing all this within your processes?

Illustration for Organization for IT Teams


Record checklists for your technicians to ensure they did everything that was needed for the service to be complete.

Extra Values

Get an insight into the impact that the ticket has on a contract or stand-alone service.


Track the loans made to customers without further forgetting.

Big Data and Smart Bussiness

Everything that is measured can be improved. We must know the efforts of our team, the recurring needs of our clients, and the processes performed during our visits.


Visualize the whole process of the ticket in an uncomplicated way from its opening to closing.


All the necessary information about your efforts, productivity and billing.

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